Flying insect control system
Bug DeFence is the newest and most advanced control system for mosquito and other flying insects. Bug DeFence creates a fine prolonged action nebulization that maintains your installations free of mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects that are bothersome or a health risk.

Plague control Systems

Tecno control de plagas offers plague control services (harmful fauna), adequate treatment with qualified personnel and the best products are used for controlling pests. We are located in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur and service within our area all types of installations: hospitals, hotels, private residences, schools, storage facilities, businesses, transport, nautical vessels, etc. and we guarantee our work.

Bird control systems
Inorder to control birds in a professional and ecological manner we use three systems: mecnical ( nets, spikes, etc.) chemicals (gels, repelents, etc.) and biological (hawks, dogs, etc.). Our goal is to study your particular problem and apply the best possible system or combination thereof according to the necessities of your installations. When we implement the system, the objective is to maintain the esthetics and functionality of each space; protecting it against this plague. If you have problems with birds, please contact us for further information in order to best attend you.

Termite control systems

Termites live below ground and the amount of damage that they can cause to your property will depend on the size of the colony and the time that you take to put a solution to the problem. Termites create ramified tunnels underground in search of cellulose (found in wood) and will not stop until they find a food source.

Tecno Control de Plagas has a system for prevention (pre-construction) and systems for controlling termites (post-construction).